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Our goal is to relieve widespread poverty, distress and suffering

Vraj Pankhania is an entrepreneur, humanitarian and successful founder of Westcombe Homes one of London’s leading developers established for over 50 years. Born in Nairobi in a humble family in 1950, due to political unrest the whole family were forced to relocate to the UK in 1969. After obtaining a qualification in printing Vraj embarked on several jobs, which lead him being able to buy his first house in 1970. After refurbishing his house, he realised he had a skill for renovation, and he entered the construction industry in 1972 and established Westcombe group. The restoration of beautiful Victorian and Edwardian architecture has always been very close to his heart. Since inception the company has the backing of English heritage, which is responsible for the promotion and protection of England’s finest historic buildings.

Vraj always believed in giving back to the community and started off his charitable journey with a facilities centre for elderly people in 1993, followed by several small charities along the way.  His aim was to bring a positive difference in the lives of the people of all ages for their better tomorrow. The smiles and comforts of life for individuals were self-evident and inspiring which left Vraj to indulge in his other passion, humanitarianism. This led to the creation of Westcombe Foundation in 2008 and has successfully brought light to the needs of people around the globe since the inception of the company by means of healthcare facilities, enhancing the education system, emergency aids, food donation, helping elderly people and more.

The foundation is continuously dedicated for the wellbeing of others by traveling to different parts of England, Kenya, India and Nepal for our charitable beliefs, peace, harmony, righteousness, faith in God and the service to communities.

Vraj Pankhania

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